While using Google Plus, i somewhere felt that i missed Facebook and then thought of why not use them both simultaneously.

This a simple way that  allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google Plus, or simply let you connect with your friends and keep a check on their activities.

Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab.

Just click on the link below and you are through.


Google+ Fact:Google plus was developed under the codename EmeraldSea.



Google+ vs. Facebook

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Like all the other Google fans I was also too excited when I came to know that Google had launched its own social network, Google Plus. It reminded me of google buzz. but when it comes to google u simply cant predict what’s on their mind. I tried a lot and somehow got an invitation with some help.

However, after creating my own profile and looking into all the options and features of it, I started missing those funny applications that I used to enjoy at Facebook. i agree that some of them were not so entertaining but frankly these applications were proven to be the best  applications to kill time and they proved a lifesaver at the time of those boring vacations when i was left with nothing to do.

Other than few of the features like Circles, sparks and editing a wall post, I didn’t find anything else much different from Facebook. As facebook is a fully developed social network as on the other hand Google+ has just emerged so talking about their comparison is pretty irrational. My suggestion to all the Google lovers who are either moving or seeking hard to move on to Google plus with huge anticipation is just that as of now it’s too early to think that Google Plus will help them overcome their Facebook addiction.

The Duration of Buzz

One of the most important differences between Facebook Like and Google +1 lies on the duration of the generated buzz. On Facebook, when you “like” or share a particular page or website, the post becomes visible to your friends via their News Feeds or via your Wall. As a result for a short period of time, the post becomes visible to many people and this increases the odds of going viral. Unfortunately though after a while the post gets buried and the effects of “like” are vanished.

The Google +1 works differently. The +1’d pages do not appear only on the +1’d Tab of your Google Profile but also they are visible when one of your friends is searching for a relevant topic on Google. If you have +1’d something in the past and one of your contacts/friends find this page on the Search Results, he will see immediately that you have “liked” the particular entry and as a result he is more likely to click on it. This means that the effects of the +1 button will not be reduced as fast as the effects of Facebook like.

Right now comparing it with Facebook may just catch disappointment to you (like what had happened with me). Anyways the best part is that Google Plus is still in development phase so I am sure that Google will enhance and improve it very soon.

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